Clash of Clans tips

General information
Clash of Clans is an strategy game for apple and androids, created by SuperCell. It’s an very addictive game and has multiple million players around the world. As of today Clash of Clans is ranked as top 10 in Appstore and Playstore. The game itself is free, but theres alot of ways to spend real money while playing it. We will come back to that part soon.

The game is about building up your village, upgrading walls, soldiers and buildings. You will need to have good defensive buildings aswell as high level offensive buildings. The offensive buildings gives you more powerfull attacks which you use on other players in the game. When your attacking other players, your able to steal their resource (gold, elixir and dark elixir) aswell as you gain trophies for winning battles.There’s plenty of diffirent attack strategies in clash of clans and all with their plus and minuses. Some are used to gain trophies while others are helping you to farm resources fast. If your just after resources I would suggest you to use Clash of Clans BAM strategy as it allows you to attack quick and often, while its a strong setup which will give you alot of resources.

Your always running your village and gaining higher buildings and levels is what the game is about. However your also able to join Clans to team up and talk to other players. Just some months ago Super Cell gave out an big update which included Clan Wars. That’s a game where 10-50 people can compete versurs eachother and win even more resources. On this site you can read more about the Clash of Clans Clan War.

Clan War
The Clan War gives you bigger resources rewards than normal battles, and its a nice way to play the game with other people. Some Clash of clans clans are just for social while others actually compete to do good in the Clan Wars. If you want to win these battles your clan should use some good strategies. As for example when and which of the bases each and one of you should attack. Every member are able to attack twice during the clan war and the attacks should be spent wisely! Often the leaders and co-leaders in tema will decide what your role will be. Here’s a link with usefull information about the clash of clans.

Real Money
If you want to speed up the building progress in your village, the first recommended item to buy for real money are workers. By playing the game you get 2 workers, but your able to buy 3 more for real money. These will speed up the building progress quite fast.

Basicly you can also pay real money on Clash of Clans to get more gold, elixir and dark elixir or to finish buildings that are in progress quicker. However, its an great game to play even without spending money and its sure a timekiller and addictive.

Clash of Clans is a huge game and i’ll write more articles about tips and tricks to improve the gameplay soon. So stay updated with my blog.