Movie Trailer

This is my third post about Clash of Clans As promised in my last post I was going to provide some good Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10 bases. Here they are! They include both defensive and farmer layouts and the examples are quite good! You can read about the diffirence between defensive and farmer layous in my previous post.

I found a trailer for the game and its a high quality and very impressive! You may wonder how an app like Clash of Clans have the money to make such an advance and good looking trailer. I have read that SuperCell, the creators of Clash of Clans are earning millions every day by the game. The game is still free to download but people pay to speed up the progress.

You base layouts are very important when it comes to defending attacks. And you should optimize the base based on your needs. But thats not all that is needed to dominate Clash of clans. You should also know some attack strategies to win attacks. I’ll do some research and in my next post i’ll write about attack strategies to help you earn trophies and resources in an effective way.


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