Clash of Clans Base Setups


Clash of Clans bear layout

Clash of Clans Base Setups
Welcome to this new artile about Clash of Clans. In this post we are gonne look deeper into the meaning and how to design your village / base. Because of all of your buildings and not to mention all of your wall bricks theres millions of diffirent ways to design your base. And again, theres also diffirent layouts and designs – depending on what your goal is. Let’s take a look!

Town Hall Basics
It’s basicly two diffirent goals you have in mind when your designing your base. It’s either that you want to farm trophies and want a high league. The other option is that you dont care about trophies but want resources. The trophy-farming option requires a defensive base layout which should protect your town hall. If your going for resources only, your should have an farmer-layout which often leaves the town hall outside the walls. It’s an important reason for this, which I’ll get back to soon.

Defensive Bases / Layout
The battle mechanics in Clash of Clans are made so that it reward a winning battle with up to 3 stars. 3 stars means full score! Basicly you get 1 star if you manage to destroy the enemy town hall. It give you 1 star if you destroy 50% or more of the enemy base, and it gives you the last star if you destroy 100% of the enemy base. If you manage to defend your base without letting the attacker get ANY stars, you gain trophies – even if your not playing! That is why players in Clash of Clans that are aiming for trophys put their town hall in the middle of their base. They protect it at all cost.

Farmer Bases / layout
If your like the players that dont mind about trophies or if your in need of more resources it is a good idea to stay down with low trophies. Not only are the battles easier to win, with low trophies, but alot of times there are also alot of villages with ALOT of resources stored in the gatherers, which again often are placed outside the wall / base. One of the reasons for this is because players that no longer play Clash of Clans still has their village in the game. They get farmed (or robbed) every day, and because of that they lose trophies and end up at the bottom of the list. But their resources still keep getting gathered and their buildings are often maxed. That makes it EASY to farm their gold, elixir and dark elixir!

But why should we leave our town hall outside our base and undefended? Well..! Theres two reasons: ONE: you get lower trophies even without playing – so that you stay at the bottom of the list and can keep farming the quitters. TWO: Trohpy hunters often go for your town hall to gain 1 star, and they use 2 barbarians to destroy it then they leave the battle. Thats ace for us as they dont touch our resources AND they give us a 12 hour shield.

Diffirent Layouts
As I mentioned earlier there is millions possibilities for the Clash of Clans village. It’s hard to find a good one but this page actually list up the better bases I’ve seen around. Here’s Clash of Clans Town Hall 6, Town Hall 7, Town Hall 8. I will look out for some good base layouts for town hall 9 and 10 and include that in my next post. So far I really hope this helps! And if you want to have a funny base you can arrange it as the picture I added.


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